About me...

Rein kiteboarding

Not much to tell: I enjoyed my former vocation as a software engineer but I did it for a long time and wanted to try kiteboarding - now I'm fantatical about it. These days I use my spare time to work on my own projects as I tour throughout latin America finding the best kiteboarding spots.

Interesting projects (developing or done by now)

  • kitecolombia.com
    Here in Lago Calima, Colombia doing kitesurf lessons while waiting for wind to return to Mancora (in May)
  • blog.reinpetersen.com
    My blog about OOP and Javascript
  • dev.webmapit.com
    A mapping app prototype (in development)
  • www.kiteandsurfperu.com
    A collaboration (in development) with an interesting reservation system
  • gmailfetcher.appspot.com
    A prototype developed for my associates in web marketing to reach their client's gmail contact list (to send email appeals by proxy)
  • SouthAmericansSecrets.com In development, this site should impress...
  • Kiter's web chain Link building project for non-(aggresively)competing kiteschools and kitesites - a collaborative effort to boost pagerank
  • Friend's stuff I've worked on

  • www.quitospanishschool.com I spent a little time on this one... one of many Surpacifico schools
  • www.mancoraspanishschool.com Another Surpacifico school
  • montanitaspanishschool.com Yet another Surpacifico school, this one was awarded in the TOP 5 Spanish schools by agents around the world!
  • www.surpacifico.k12.ec
    A great Spanish school run by a great guy (Manuel Buchelli). I'm happy to design and manage his web stuff...
  • www.perukitemancora.com
    A website I designed for my buddy Jose Rosas & Jhon - now I'm a partner in the school!!!
  • www.kiteandsurfperu.com
    A collaboration (in development) with an interesting reservation system
  • www.surfandspanishschool.com
    I created this site to promote our Surf and Spanish programs - it behaves like a multi-page site but it all really fits in one page with some javascript magic
  • www.ecuadorspanishschools.com
    Another site I created to promote Spanish schools in Ecuador
  • www.learnspanish-ecuador.com
    Yet another site promoting Spanish - there is more coming...
  • www.ecuadorkitesurf.com
    My good friend Robert's website to promote his kitesurf school in Manta, Ecuador
  • reins brain