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As we all know, the internet provides a good stream of inquiries for our schools and page rankings from google are important for us.

But, Google continually changes the rules about how it ranks pages - they are getting better at it. No longer does the reciprocal link weigh as heavily as it once did - rather, if I put a link on my website that points to yours, and you in return place a link to my website - it virtually counts for nothing if the linking pages do not share similar content.

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Of course, links to your website from other websites with similar content count greatly, provided there are no reciprocal links to cancel them out.

I realized that if we had a group of kite schools that were not in direct competition linking to each other in a chain, not reciprocally, we would enjoy higher page-ranking.

So, I am assembling a group of content-related websites that are interested in chain-linking together.

Open-loop chain link

open loop chain link

More about chain linking: well, we have to ensure the loop never closes. Google is pretty savvy at uncovering link-farms whom typically use a multitude of websites that inter-link to boost their rankings.

The diagram [above] demonstrates how inter-linking can occur without reciprocol-linking or "closing the loop".

If this bores you, I don't blame you - this is computer nerd stuff. But it is a necessary excercise to organize our chain-linking to ensure we are rewarded with higher ranking and not penalized as a link-farm.

If your website has related content and you wish to participate in our chain link to help boost your webpage's visibility, please contact Rein :

Basically, you will be asked to place a not-very-competing and content-related link to another website on a webpage within your site that maintains a Google page rank of at least 3. The other linkers pointing to your site will point to that very same page so you may consider your home page as the best option.

Our content focus is around Latin American tourism, specifically, accommodation, adventure sports (especially surfing and kitesurfing), and Spanish schools. Restaurants are also welcome to participate.

You will also be asked to find one or more content-related websites (or with a single page with related content like an article about kiting) that also want to participate. Perhaps you might even craft a small article of your own on a blogging site somewhere else on the internet...

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